Vitamin C Facial Fusion   $90

​Service begins with European facial followed by 20 minute infusion of Vitamin C Serum, Secret Serum No. 7, and Lip Volumizer with Photo-light Therapy, which is offered in the perfect nanometer light range for cellular absorption. 

Clinical Microdermabrasion  $150

​Our 3 Phase clinically proven microderm resurfaces complexion, eliminating embedded impurities and lightening hyperpigmentation.  We start with our proprietary pre-treatment formula, perform the microdermabrasion procedure with a professional unit, then apply a customized alginate and botanical modeling mask.  Treatment is followed with appropriate lotions, creams and serums.  A take home skin care kit is included to continue post-treatment care.

Dermaplane  $90

3 Phase treatment smoothes complexion and removes facial hair.  Treatment includes dermaplane procedure, enzyme polish and post-treatment therapy mask.

BASIC FACIALS - At the heart of all our basic facials is deep-pore cleansing accomplished with botanically based fruit enzymes such as papaya and pineapple, applied with gentle facial steaming and electro-brushing to loosen cellular debris, pore vacuuming with spray to flush out and remove embedded impurities and ensure the pores are completely unclogged and no debris is left behind. Your skin breathes! 

European Facial  $65

Pressure point manipulation with aromatherapy, topical cleanse,  deep cleansing enzyme with facial steam, electro-brush massage, vacuum/spray with mini microdermabrasion tip, followed by facial massage  and customized mask treatment.  Facial is completed with custom formulas to condition and treat the  face, neck, eyes and lips.  The European facial goes a step beyond basic deep-pore cleansing to give a more therapeutic benefit for mind, body, and spirit.

Skinny Girl/Guy Facial   $90 with lymphatic lift mask/ $75 without mask

An ultimate facial contouring treatment that tightens, tones, firms, and lifts sagging jowl lines and drooping eyelids, while slenderizing your face and re-defining facial contour. Micro-current and RF Treatments are also particularly effective in improving skin tone around the eyes and reducing puffiness and dark circles.  Lines and wrinkles are simply lifted out while skin tightens and lifts.  Micro-currents work to detoxify interstitial cellular fluids, improving the health of your skin while re-establishing cellular communication which in turn, improves the overall health and vitality of your skin's cellular functions.  The micro-currents issued during treatment will continue to bio-stimulate cellular function for a period of 21 days post treatment.  RF is particularly useful in melting fatty deposits in the jowl and neck areas. slenderizing and re-contouring the facial features making you appear years younger and skinnier.  Results are immediately visible with the 1st treatment and are measurably improved with each recurring treatment.  Standard treatment protocol is 3-6 treatments within a 3-6 week period for optimum results, however, your Aesthetician will make the appropriate recommendation for your particular skin structure, age and condition. Regular maintenance treatments will keep your skin lifted, contoured and youthful.

Lunch-Time Peel   $65

An Aestheticians go-to  treatment to improve every complexion  Eliminates top layer of skin, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, lightening hyperpigmentation from sun damage, age spots, and past acne lesions.

Micro-Current Skin Lift  $90

Detoxifies skin cells and the interstitial cellular fluid feeding your skin, stimulating lymphatic pathway.  Skin is then toned, tightened, and lifted with a noticeable reduction and improvement to the jowl line, mandibular folds, re-contouring the face and lifting delicate eye, neck, and decollete tissue.  We finish with our Lymphatic Lift Mask and appropriate application of lotions, creams, and serums.

Mini-Lift   $75 

Same as above minus finishing Lymphatic Lift Mask.

Vitamin C Facial Fusion   $90

The European facial with the added anti-oxidant benefit of Vitamin C infused into the skin with photo-light therapy and our custom blended alginate and rosehips modeling mask and finished with specialty treatments for face, neck, eyes, lips.

​​​​Spirit + Soul + Body  SKIN TREATMENTS​

Deep-Pore Cleanse  $45

Topical cleanse,  deep cleansing enzyme with  facial steam, electro-brush massage, vacuum/spray with mini microdermabrasion tip, designed to give gentle deep-pore cleansing with exfoliation and gentle extraction of cellular debris.  Customized skin conditioners applied to face, eyes, and lips.

European Day Spa Facial  $99

Pressure point manipulation with aromatherapy starts off your facial, but before moving on we treat your hands and feet to some deep exfoliation and polishing action followed with aromatic hand and foot massage before slipping your fingers and toes into heated treatment mitts and booties.  Your facial service resumes with a  topical cleansing and then a deep cleansing enzyme with facial steam, electro-brush massage, vacuum/spray with mini microdermabrasion tip, followed by facial massage  and customized mask treatment.  Facial is complete with custom blended formulas to condition and treat the  face, neck, eyes and lips.  Your whole spirit, soul, and body will thank you!

Ultra Peel   $155

​Deeper peeling action reduces scarring, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.  Dislodges embedded impurities while tightening and improving the texture of your complexion.  Typically takes 7-10 days for peeling to complete and for skin to be restored  Includes customized post-treatment alginate mask and SCS take home kit

Radio Frequency, Micro-Current and Photo-Light Therapy  $175

Advanced and proven smart technologies combined to rejuvenate and renew your skin cells to think and act younger.  These 3 modalities are the heart of our anti-aging package.  Your skin is detoxified, excess facial fat and fluid are melted away improving facial contour, skin is firmed and tightened and lines and wrinkles are lifted.  Anti-aging serums and treatments are applied with Photo-light energy.

Our proprietary skin care treatments are designed by Susan Keller, a seasoned Aesthetician  and Formulator.  Our formulas are created  and developed in our laboratories for both professional and take home use. It's our desire to allow clients to take home the same professional grade formulas we use in our treatment rooms, so in essence, you can have your own 

Spirit + Soul + Body experiencesat home. There are very few formulas we use in the treatment room that are not available for home use.​​

Acne Tune-Out   $75

We tune out the acne bacteria with micro-current skin detox and our proprietary blend of  Acne Tune-Out solution.  Treatment times and intervals best for your skin will be determined with your Aesthetician.  Series packaging is available.

SCS Kit available with service for $45 (reg. $60)  Kit includes AHA Polishing Beads, Sea Minerals Facial Wash, AHA 15% Solution with Daily Hydrator