Whether you need a spaaah massage melt down, a myofascial stretch and release, or your muscles are crying after that last workout, we are here for you.  We promise your refresh button will kick in and your spirit, soul, and body will thank you for it!

​Classic Massage

Our classic massage is therapeutic in nature and follows our philosophy that firm but gentle pressure employed with a wide variety of massage strokes and techniques is best to remedy and ease muscle tension to elongate and smooth muscles.  Our classic massage is designed to relax and ease your body back into balance.  A good therapist knows intuitively the right type of massage, pressure, and techniques to use on any given individual.  For this reason we rarely offer the same massage twice, which is of greater benefit to your muscles as well as massage experience. 

There are too many to list, but some of the massage techniques we use in a massage session are reflexology and neuromuscular techniques such as Myotherapy and trigger point therapy, as well as some Lomi-Lomi, Swedish, and Shiatsu massage, etc.

​Full Hour     $65

​75 Minutes  $80

​90 Minutes  $95

​Hot Stone Massage

​Warm Stones are strategically placed and used as an extension of the therapist's hands.  The stones heat the center of the muscle allowing a much deeper relaxation enhancing the therapeutic benefit of your massage session.

​Add on $25 to any massage service

60 Minute - $90

Hot Stone Massa
ge/Cold Stone Massage

Heated stones are moved along tissue, over muscle and limbs to generate an initial sympathetic response in the body.  Chilled stones are then moved along tissue over muscle and limbs to generate a sympathetic response in the body. A fresh continuous application of chilled stones to the area for a period of five to twenty minutes, depends upon the level of congestion and inflammation. The body brings oxygenated blood to the area generating the healing process.

$90 - Full Hour

Pre-Natal Massage


Mommy-to-Be will enjoy relief from the pressures of carrying a new little being within.  Pre-natal massage decongests lymphatic pathways relieving swollen ankles and feet, and soothes and relaxes overburdened leg, back and neck muscles. Mommy sooooo deserves this!

Full Hour      $75


Spirit + Soul + Body Massage Therapy