I'm often asked by clients what can be done at home for a puffy eye treatment that didn't involve a hemorrhoid cream.  My go to is green tea bags and ice cold cucumbers. 

Green Tea is loaded with anti-oxidants, caffeine, L-theanine, and trace minerals and is easily absorbed into the delicate eye tissue.  It stimulates metabolic activity and flushes out toxins, and when applied directly to eye area for a few minutes, you will see this effectively flush out the excess fluids hanging out in your eye area. 


Ice cold cucumber slices work to reduce inflammation as well, but has the added benefit of tightening and toning the skin around the eyes. 

My recommendation is to use a high quality organic green tea bag, preferably a round tea bag.  (Low quality green tea can contain high amounts of fluoride and other toxins).  Because the active elements in green tea are able to cross the blood brain barrier, organic makes the best sense.  Steep them first, then apply while warm for a few minutes, then follow with thinly sliced cucumbers a few minutes. Alternate between the two until you achoeve the desired results.

*Tip: you can brew the tea and soak round cotton pads in the tea to make eye pads. 

Alternating hot and cold temperatures is very invigorating for the lymph system. Cold temperatures cause the blood and lymph vessels to contract, and hot causes them to relax. Therefore, the alternation increases lymphatic peristalsis, and this in effect not only reduces puffiness but cleans up the dark circles under eyes.

Finally, I would finish with a high quality eye cream, we prefer our Eye, Neck, & Decollete Cream for its hydrating and firming properties as well as detoxifying benefits.  You can see this cream works instantly, but you'll see even better results with continued use.  ~Susan


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Mood Oils

​The ability to smell is perhaps the most powerful of all our senses and our emotions are stirred either negatively or positively at the first moment our noses pick up any scent.  Aromatherapy is an effective way to enhance your moods, which is why we use them during our services here at Spirit, Soul, & Body. 

You can create different moods at home, work, or anywhere, for instance, I always have peppermint oil with me, it clears my mind if I feel foggy, it energizes and uplifts my spirit if I'm feeling a little down, and it even helps clear my sinuses in cold and allergy season.  Here are more of our favorites you can try at home:

Energizing Invigorators: 

grapefruit, lemon, lime, cardamom

​Ground and Calm the Mind:

​vetivert, sandalwood, chamomile, pine

Depression Relievers:

​bergamot, mandarin, lemon verbena

​Anxiety Relievers:

​rose, lavender, marjoram

​You want to inhale the oil through your nostrils and exhale through your mouth so that the aroma molecules stay in your nasal passage.  Take 10 - 15 deep breaths of the oil, you'll feel your mood change instantly!  

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