Spa Rewards are another way we say 'thank you' - and - 'you are awesome!'   

Enrollment is automatic, free, and easy.  Every 200 spa points earns you $10 you can use them as you go along or accrue them for a special spa visit or purchase. Your Rewards card acts just like a  store credit card; it can be swiped for points added and redeemed with each visit.  You can track your Spa Rewards simply by registering it on-line, which we recommend in case it is ever lost or stolen, in that case we can cancel it and re-issue you a new one with your accrued Spa Rewards.

Earning points are simple; you earn a spa point for every dollar spent and at the end of the day, you are getting 5% back!

Rules for redemption are easy breezy..  You can redeem your spa rewards towards regularly priced services and goods (not promotional or discounted services or products).  Points are redeemable in increments of $10, you may use or accrue them, they never expire!  Sign up below to receive your first $10 Spa Reward today!

Spa Rewards